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investment proposal

microenterprise for the provision of a potable water service to the bay of la islilla, peru


First, to provide 350 families from the Bay of La Islilla, Peru with a fresh water service. Second, to educate the local women in business management skills so that they can manage the water service.


Purchase a water truck and hire a driver to provide the whole village with fresh water so that all unmet demand will be satisfied.  At first the project will be monitored by the Peruvian NGO CEPESER and then handed over to the members of a savings and microloan cooperative who have been trained to manage the business.

fresh water market

  1. two water companies, one private and one public, currently service the village

  2. unmet demand of 9,500 gallons per day 

  3. public service is becoming less frequent

project managers

  1. implementation and monitoring: Peruvian NGO CEPESER

    1. 25 years of experience in sustainable community development

    2. focus on creating independence by equipping people with capabilities and financing

    3. day-to-day operation: women’s loan and savings cooperative from the village

    4. have worked with CEPESER since 1986

  2. investment details

  3. initial investment: US$ 60,000. US$ 57,000 for a water truck and US$ 3,000 for insurance 

  4. annual cost of operation: US$ 40,500

  5. annual revenue: US$ 60,800

  6. repayment period for the loan is 5 years at a yearly interest rate of 4.9% 

  7. net present value of the project is US$ 1,400 at an annual discount rate of 8.4%


The project should seek financing because it has a positive NPV and the project managers have great expertise and experience.

please note:

The original proposal from CEPESER is available upon request.  Please contact Jil via email

microbusiness for fresh water

la islilla

Ben Frowein is in Peru to manage the Venture Philanthropy project.

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