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sponsorship proposal

campaign to support the children from La Islilla, Peru with school supplies


To support 140 children’s education by supporting their families’ budget for school supplies.  All families are part of the women’s cooperative which is setting up a water truck business to provide the village with much needed water.


For logistics and cost reasons we suggest that you make a monetary contribution instead of sending actual goods.  The peruvian customs officers are known for withholding goods because they want them to be purchased locally; also you will get more school supplies for each US$ when purchased in Peru.  Be assured that the women will invest your donations in their children’s future and not keep the money for themselves.  To be sure, Personal Philanthropy will perform due diligence to ensure fiscal accountability.

Below you find a suggested price list upon which to base your givings.

  1. 1 book

  2. pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser etc. (each)

  3. note pad

  4. copies

  5. 1 month of school supplies


Families often cannot afford to pay for their children’s school supplies which prevents them to become educated and find a job.  It does not cost much to support the children and make a difference in their lives.


campaign for school supplies

la islilla

$ 5.00

$ 0.80

$ 1.30

$ 0.30

$ 40.00

This campaign has ended. We raised money to cover school expenses for 140 children for 1 school year.

all philanthropic activities of are tax deductible. 100% of your donation is passed on less credit card transaction fees, levied by the bank.