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Focus: micro entrepreneurship and community development

Location: triunfo de la cruz, honduras

the local  heroes


If you are not awoken to the sound of a truck working itself through the mud roads of Triunfo de La Cruz you will certainly jump to your feet at the energetic greetings the truck’s owner, Damacia yelling friendly hellos to other early birds in the dawn of this tranquil beach community. The cheerful, never-sleeping mother of four started what is Triunfo’s first ever trash collection service.  Motivated by a campaign to clean the beaches this local leader decided to fight against trash heaps scattered around the entire community, including fresh water ponds and surrounding pastures. However, Damacia is more than a do-gooder, she is an entrepreneur.  The trash campaign quickly turned into a business idea and so, with a loan she purchased an old truck and hired two men and a driver to help her pick up garbage from the 70 homes that have so far subscribed to her business.  In addition, Damacia works bakes and sells bread with some girlfriends and volunteers with local youth groups.


Charming, athletic, a former Olympic Athlete and medical Doctor Daniel could easily build a prosperous existence in one of Honduras’ larger cities.  Yet, the Triunfo native returned home to his roots to help his people, especially the youth, have a better life.  Unfortunately there is no medical position for him right now even though the one official doctor is overwhelmed with 6000 people to care for – in other words there is great demand but no money to pay for a second doctor.  Nevertheless, Daniel serves his fellow people and feeds his family from occasional paid jobs.  He loves his village and wants its youths to have the same chances he did through sport scholarships.  Therefore, he trains a group of adolescents as good as he can, given the lack of equipment such as playing fields and sneakers.

their neighbor

Triunfo de La Cruz is a small beach community with around 6000 inhabitants in the region of Tela.  It stands out from other coastal communities because of its ethnic group the Garifuna – former African slaves who either shipwrecked or escaped to Honduras where they settled.  Although the Garifuna people speak Spanish like anyone in Honduras their African roots are obvious in the culture such as their rhythmical music. Like other villages the people live from fishing, work in the fields and occasional services such as construction. However, racism against the Garifuna people is widespread which makes it harder for them to join the formal economy. For example false rumors about high rates of HIV and AIDS result in Garifuna people being ostracized in other communities.

The village itself is beautiful, embedded between palm tree beaches, green pastures and tropical vegetation are little houses and sand streets.

your philanthropic opportunity

Triunfo de la Cruz is an enchanting village not only because of its natural beauty but thanks to its lively people and local leaders. You can see that they are working ambitiously to provide their children with a more prosperous future but they are also faced with many barriers.  Damacia barely breaks even with her trash collecting business because of lacking awareness for the benefits of trash disposal and the existence of her service per se. 

Daniel has been a force of change for the good in his fellow villagers by encouraging them to live healthier and dedicating himself to the young.  However, it is difficult to support his own family with a scarce income nor can he afford proper equipment to really provide adolescents with opportunities.

Come on a trip with us to engage with these local heroes and find ways to support heir efforts. The need is obvious so come and get involved.

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triunfo de la cruz