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We recognize the funding deficit for grassroots programs which are already making a difference in their communities.

Multinational aid organizations draw on massive donor bases and have the capacity to funnel millions into projects they deem important. In most cases, donors are far removed from the final recipient of their contributions and often, it is dubious if the money ever reaches its intended destination; large bureaucracies, showy galas and promotions eat away at funds, and the lack of accountability between donor and recipient, breeds corruption at all levels.

Meanwhile, many ambitious and talented leaders in small communities bootstrap themselves and others out of poverty; common examples include savings groups, small microfinance programs and education opportunities.  However, due to these programs’ small scale and lack of promotion they remain unnoticed and often underfunded.

In sum, there is little to no accountability between large aid organization and locals so that projects are executed poorly and terminate as soon as the aid stops flowing.  At the same time, sustainable and effective grassroots initiatives suffer from a funding deficit and lack of exposure. 


The quickest, unbureaucratic and effective way to provide needed funding and advice is to partner Local Heroes with like-minded individuals, who we call Philanthropists

We believe that economic development projects are particular to every community because - as with any other project - they depend on the people involved.  Therefore, we reject searching for “fit-all, cure-all” solutions and focus on supporting individual programs that have demonstrated success.  Typically, these programs are implemented and run by locals who have a vested interest in the communities they live in - We call them Local Heroes.

Many people are aware of their neighbors’ struggles in other parts of the world and want to help. They may just listen, learn and be compassionate, or raise funds in their communities or cut a check or even visit their neighbors in-person.   We call these people Philanthropists; individuals who care about their Neighbors and show them respect, support and love.

The solution to both problems, unfunded Local Heroes and disconnected donors, is to establish a direct link between Philanthropist and recipient.  We provide a platform for Philanthropists to connect with Local Heroes and other like-minded people in our network.  As a result, ideas get exchanged, relationships are built and above all, everyone feels accountable.  We call this the Personal Philanthropy Network.  

Traditional Model: Anonymous donors’ contributions are distributed to anonymous recipients.  There is no accountability.

Personal Philanthropy Network: Philanthropists can connect directly with Local Heroes and each other.  Accountability comes from relationships.